About Al Jude

Al Jude is a non-profit organization, established in May 2000, that focuses on spreading hope & unleashing the potential of youth to benefit themselves, community, society and the world.

We Believe

We believe every human has a potential waiting to be unleashed to live a full life & not half. Hope is the oxygen that supports us in sustaining progress in spite of the challenges.

We Challenge

We challenge ourselves, and we always raise the bar and look for more achievements, never settle for less.

We achieve

We achieve MORE FOR LESS FOR MORE PEOPLE That is why we WANT TO STAY SMALL & REACH ALL by implementing simple yet affective solutions that can be repeated and scaled fast through partners

We inspire

We inspire the youth community and give them the spark to be innovative

We nudge

We nudge the behaviors and give the first step towards the positive change


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Programs to encourage a shift in mindset also to see an opportunity in every problem and NOT a problem in every opportunity
Plant the seeds of entrepreneurship in our youth
to inspire people to be their best and ignite the spark within to unleash the potentials
Leadership is not position or title, it is action and example, we make sure to give all the experience and knowledge to be a great leader.
bring people together to solve challenges , We believe that we have a role in the community and it has to be positive role.
Promote and social innovation with interactive programs which designed to reach for more, entertain and inspire the youth to become innovative

The Falafel Theory

We are inspired by our love of falafel and observing how Falafel is made, distributed and consumed. We crafted the Falafel Theory to support our methodology as it has standard, quick, simple, local ingredients, mass, appeal, affordable, repeatable and scalable characteristics. These ingredients coupled with our management theory have helped us tremendously in planning, designing, building, implementing and sustaining social innovations to support mission.

Contact Us

Phone: 00962 6 5661784

5th Circle, Ameera al Shuraiqi street, #30
Amman, Jordan