Hikmat road safety Program

Created solutions that facilitate the collaboration of civil society and government to reduce the number traffic related injuries and deaths.

The program based on 5 pillars:

1.Encourage and facilitate government and civil society to work together in addressing this national challenge.

2. Plan, fund, build and implement very focused projects aimed at prevention and capacity

3.safer roads: Installed 3 pedestrian bridges & rebuilding a bridge in Mecca street after being destroyed.


4.safer schools: We focused on the most 200 dangerous schools, that form 53% from the accidents, and we put a plan to finish street Improvements a rounds these schools in one year.

5.safer play grounds: We protect our children and give them a better   places to play by making more with less & government participant. And more we activated these playgrounds by making (LG Harat), as a contest between 500 harah in Jordan with 3500 participating kid.


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